Choosing local extermination

This day, I was met with a nasty surprise, then upon opening my shed door, which I haven’t opened in many months, I tore part of a wasp nest that was up there, plus out of the nest came a dozen or so red jackets, plus they all swarmed around my head in an attempt to sting me, and i ran out of there as fast as I could, but I still managed to get stung a few times, that red jacket nest being there was not going to work, plus so I decided to go ahead plus look for an exterminator.

I was going to need to use that shed to carry heavy items in plus out of that shed, plus I truly couldn’t do that with a bunch of flying wasps plus bees around my face! Thankfully, finding a red jacket removal venue was not difficult.

There are quite a few bee removal dealers around here, because bumble bees, honey bees plus wasps all have a tendency to build their nests around urban areas. This then causes issues with the people who live there, plus that is where the wasp exterminators come in. I don’t actually like killing things, but if they are the way plus can actually cause harm, then they have to go. I called the red jacket extermination venue, plus they were able to unconnect them the same day, but now I can go back to laboring inside my shed, plus moving everything around without the worry of being stung.

Yellow jacket rescue