Working for this roofing company has been great

It took me some time to figure out what to do with my life after middle school.

So, I went to work at a fast food place plus continued to live at home.

My folks have never been the kind to push you into a unique path. Dad understood my struggle plus provided me time to guess about what I wanted to be. I was laid off from work, I found a part time gig doing construction. While there, I helped the roofers with unusual small tasks. This was such a sizable commercial project, plus there were so many people toiling there. I realized that I was interested in doing this, but I was more drawn to roofing. After a month on the job, I went to the condo plus told my folks I’d be going to roofing school. That was 5 years ago, plus I actually enjoyed my training. My buddies and I had industry experts who’d help us learn all about roofing, plus becoming a certified roofer. Then, it came time to get a job after I completed my education. Working for a roofing company has been quite fulfilling. At the roofing company, I have worked for both commercial plus residential roofing projects. This roofing company specializes in roof upgrade, roof repair plus roof repair. In addition, my pals and I do handle siding upgrades for the homes my pal and I work on. I remember my first major project at the roofing company was a residential roof replacement, plus I had so much fun. All the other roofers at the company are qualified plus certified to do the job. My buddies and I look forward to meeting your roofing needs in the future.

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