My dad asked me to take over his roofing company

When my dad Ed handed over the reins for the roofing company to me, I felt so out of my league.

For the longest time, I had been toiling with Ed as he built such an amazing enterprise.

Ed was once a roofer toiling for another company in our state. It was a wonderful job, plus he worked with many amazing roofers. However, Ed regularly knew that he wanted to set up his own business. When his last born joined school, Ed went back to work. This provided Ed the opportunity to resign from his last job, plus begin the process of setting up a roofing company. I was 15 at that time, plus Ed employed me as his assistant during weekends, plus summers. I’d acquire some money to buy clothes, plus nice shoes, but I also got to learn so much about residential roofing from Ed. When I graduated from middle school, I opted to go to roofing school, plus train to become a roofer like Ed. Then, I joined him in the business, plus my pal and I continued to work side by side for nearly 15 years. One day, I was coming from a residential roofing job plus Ed called me into his office. He said it was time I learn about running the company since he wanted to hand over the business to me. I wasn’t sure about this, plus even avoided the topic for a while. But, deep down I knew I could run this roofing company so I came around plus let Ed teach me about the roofing business.


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