Ripping out the water heating system to do the cement floors

I recently redid all the floors in my home, then the worst area was absolutely the supply closet, however i had to cement underneath the Heating and Air Conditioning component that was on a stand.

I also had to unfasten the water heating system to cement underneath it.

I am a undoubtedly small woman though. I couldn’t lift it by myself. I also didn’t want to damage it in the process. I easily called a plumber to lift it for me, however while the girl was there, she informed me that the water tank was easily severely old. It had maybe a year or two before it quit on me. I figured now was absolutely the right time to replace it. I hadn’t fully moved into my condo yet so I wasn’t reliant on the sizzling water. It was nice that my plumber could shop around for a great brand and a nice deal on a water heater. I ended up choosing one that was highly rated, brand new and fit in my closet so much better than the seasoned one. It was nice having the space temporarily cleaned out so I could do the cement work. I took fortune of the open space to scrape the popcorn, sand and mud the ceiling. I got it smooth and white. I then painted inside the closet and the kneel the Heating and Air Conditioning component sat on, finally I did a deep wipe to ensure everything was in great shape… Now I have a brand new water heating system installed with brand new cement floors. I moved into a condo that was in great shape for me.


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