A day filled with HVAC complications

The morning started with a damaged air purification help.

When I woke up, I first noticed the reduced indoor air quality.

That early morning, I had to start with the cleaning process, as I preferred to call it. It involves cleaning the dust and dirt off the air filter and the air purification system. The process took me quite some time, making me late for work. My day had not started on a good note, and it did not get better when I got to work. The shouts of an angry customer welcomed me. He had reached the ductwork installed a few weeks ago, but it now needed new duct sealing, which would cost him some money. The HVAC technicians that did the installation were not from the local home service providers, and he could not find them, so his only option was to pay new ones hoping they would do a better job. I sent my best HVAC professional with the customer to assist him. As he left the store, another irate customer came in. She demanded to know how HVAC equipment worked because she had just gotten a whole-home air purification system installed, and a week later, the surfaces at the house had dust. She also needed a serviceman to conduct duct cleaning and fix the thermostat. The lady had impressive skills and smart HVAC with an air purification installation. I could not understand why she was having trouble with air quality, but I hoped the expert who attended to her HVAC would bring me some answers. Even though one was not our fault, I could not afford to have more than one unsatisfied customer.


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