He was complaining it was too hot in the lake house

After falling on hard times, Luther’s friend started talking to him about a terrible idea; he suggested they break into an elderly woman’s lakeside condo and rob her of her jewelry.

Things were looking bleak for Luther and his friend.

Although he was in a bind, Luther gave serious consideration to the consequences of being caught. As a result of that, he refused to cooperate and ultimately severed ties with the friend. Luther had previously spent a summer cleaning windows and mowing lawns and he was eager to get back into those jobs. Luther started spreading the word that he was available to clean windows and mow small lawns at the lakeside homes in the area, and soon a homeowner hired him to do just that. On the dot, Luther checked into the condo and immediately began working while chatting with the proprietor. The man was complaining that his condo by the lake was too muggy and that turning up the heat and air conditioning didn’t help. When Luther was younger, he dated a woman who worked in HVAC, so he picked up some useful knowledge about the subject. He was told by the saleslady that high humidity can be uncomfortable, so he should install a heating and air conditioning system, and if that doesn’t help, he should think about getting a dehumidifier. As a means to increase his level of comfort, Luther suggested that he purchase a dehumidifier. While he washed the windows, the man had looked up a heating and air conditioning website that sold dehumidifiers online and continued their conversation.


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