The company was offering Heating and A/C and plumbing services

I hadn’t spent much time in the country in quite some time, and I was in for a rude awakening. I was one of those kids who always wanted to leave the neighborhood where they grew up. There were many farms in the area, including several large dairy operations. Milk production and crop farming to meet local grain demand dominated the local economy. As a kid, I enjoyed pitching in to help out on the farm with my parents and grandparents. However, adolescence brought about a penchant for putting on makeup and a longing for city life. That’s why I picked a university in the middle of the country and only visit the farm on rare occasions. After 16 years, I began to tire of city life and yearn for the quiet of a rural home. I took the pandemic as a sign that it was time to move out of my downtown loft and into a rural area, where I could have my own condo and about 10 acres of land. Instead of going back to my home state, I went to another and found the perfect apartment. This condo, unfortunately, is in need of some renovations. When I moved into the farmhouse, I was responsible for maintaining the heating and cooling system, which was woefully inadequate. The previous tenants cooled the house in the summer with a window unit and heated it with a massive wood stove in the winter. But I opted for a furnace and air conditioner to give my home a touch of modernity. I found a great HVAC service in the area that also did plumbing, making them ideal for any replacements that needed to be made.

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