Jim will never forget meeting the Heating and A/C professional

Jim was looking forward to catching up with his old college pal Jake.

After the afternoon of graduation, they all scattered to different cities, but they remained close.

Jim knew that Jake would enjoy spending some time in his city, so he invited him over for a couple of afternoons. The plan was to revisit all of the city’s hotspots and feel like they were back in college again. However, he had to get his air conditioning unit fixed before Jake got to town. Jim arrived at his condo late one night and discovered that the air conditioning didn’t work. Jim checked the temperature setting because the apartment seemed hot and stuffy. The thermostat was turned off, and he was unable to get it to work again. Jim should have called a heating and air conditioning expert to inspect his thermostat. Instead of sweating through the night, he set up a small portable air conditioner next to his bed. Jim also scheduled an appointment with the HVAC company for the following day. The next day at 1:30, a heating and air conditioning technician showed up at his door to take a look at the malfunctioning thermostat. For a moment, Jim was at a loss for words as he stared at the stunning woman sitting in his doorway. The HVAC technician brought him back to reality by repeatedly asking him where the thermostat was located. Jim led her to the thermostat’s control panel, and she began investigating its apparent malfunction. Jim had been debating whether or not to ask her out all this time, but he was unsure of what her response would be.
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