I thought I heard a noise in the air vents in my home

It was so amazing getting to spend time with Tiffany at her new farm in the countryside.

She really said she was going to leave the city and went ahead to do just that.

Tiffany and I met when she joined our company. There was a position open, she came in, did an interview and was hired. She’d been working for 10 years, and happened to mention she was getting tired of the city. I asked her what she wanted to do and Tiffany shared her plan with me. It seemed odd, but I never doubted her ability to see the idea through. It took her another three years, but Tiffany finally found the right place with a farmhouse that was intact and 20 acres of land. The previous owners had passed on and their kids wanted to dispose of the property since they all lived abroad. After settling in, she was eager to have me over and also show me some of the animals that came with the property. I must admit, I was jealous of her life when I got back to the city and found my furnace was off. I left it off since I was gone for two weeks and didn’t want to leave the heating system running. However, my home was freezing cold and I wanted it to heat up pronto. Just as I was approaching the furnace, I heard some noises in my air vents which made me stop immediately. Those sounded like rats running around. They must have moved in when I left since the furnace was off, and now I needed to get an exterminator to get them out.
a/c repairman