Mom came home with the HVAC van instead of her car

It’s been so long since I saw mom come home with the HVAC van.

Most of the time, she returns the work van to the HVAC company headquarters, and drives her truck home.

However, she had a huge commercial project near the house, and opted to come home with it. The HVAC van has a huge signage that shows the company mom works for and the services they offer. She’s been a HVAC technician for many years, and is now in charge of this massive HVAC commercial project. To be honest, I am so proud of my mom. She is thriving in an industry that has more men than women working in it. Mom continues to prove that she is capable, and her boss at the HVAC company loves her. Mom gave me the story of why she chose to become a HVAC technician. When she was in middle school, a HVAC technician came to their home to fix a faulty AC unit. This was during the summer break, and they needed air conditioning since the temperatures were so high. One morning, they woke up and noticed the AC wasn’t blowing ample cool air into their home. So, her dad proceeded to contact a local HVAC company for assistance. They sent an HVAC tech to my mom’s childhood home, and she followed him around asking lots of questions. The guy was nice, and told mom all about the HVAC industry. That is when mom decided she’d go to HVAC school, and train to become a HVAC technician.


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