Heating maintenance and life maintenance

Life requires maintenance and I need to put some focus into the maintenance of my body.

I’m good with the diet and exercise part but not so good with the regular maintenance and checkups at the doc’s offices.

I finally made a dentist appointment after not going in for about three years and hopefully they can fix some cracks, tooth pain, and make my teeth whiter. I used to have really good teeth but after years of grinding and not wearing the bit plate, like they told me to do, my molars are worn down and one tooth is gone. Heating technology is where I have put my focus on at the HVAC company and I have avoided the dentist lately because I know what I am going to be in for soon. But if I don’t go then I will lose more teeth and then life will not be so good. I hope the local business can fix up these teeth and make my smile nice again like my HVAC tech buddy just did when he went in for a cleaning. I don’t have a lot of extra cash right now as it is tied up in a stock and I have to wait for it to bounce back again hopefully, but I do have insurance and about $500 saved from the HVAC rep work that I can spend on my teeth, so maybe they will be able to bond the cracks and get that one painful tooth better again. Well, I’m off to the local business to grab some toothpaste.


Heating and air conditioning