Getting a good steam boiler

I need to get some food in my body so I have energy this morning to get my work done.

I survived the flu for the past six days and today almost all of my symptoms are gone, although I am still feeling pretty darn wiped out and need to rest some more I guess.

My friend is supposed to come visit tomorrow night for a day or two and I hope my energy is up enough to host her without sleeping the whole time. I haven’t seen her in a couple of years and would love good indoor air quality in my flat while she is here, so cleaning the HEPA filter is a must before she arrives. I also need to clean up my flat but today I am still tired and may have to wait till tomorrow to do any cleaning. I would like to clean the HVAC system before she comes but I am not sure that the dust is going to do so well with my cold I have, so maybe I should wait on that or just hire an HVAC tech to come out and do it for me. I still have to wait and see if she is even going to come tomorrow because she is in another town right now and may end up staying there until her plane leaves in three more days. She is a cooling worker and was supposed to come stay with me last Monday, but my luck changed that when the night before I came down with the flu just like that.



Space heater