My building owner terminated property repair to kick me out

I have been at risk of being kicked out of my apartment for six months.

This is because I disagreed with the building owner on how he handles repair delivery at the apartment.

When I moved in 5 years ago, everything was handled smoothly, and communication was very effective. However, the last year has been poor for us residents. When he ended the services of his real estate director, we should have seen it coming, but we didn’t. Since then, communication about the development has been a pain. Personally, I work from home, and I can hardly sit the poor air quality. In summer, the air was so humid and dry, but my air filter could not keep up, and the smart Heating and A/C wasn’t performing at its best. If I could not get the whole-property media air cleaner in place, then I would rather transfer than pay extra for an Heating and A/C business to repair my equipment. But that wasn’t far from happening because the building owner ignored our plea for an media air cleaner and shifted the cost of property repair to us. Since I had no plans to transfer immediately and my lease agreement was still one year in, I contacted an Heating and A/C professional to weigh my options. I made it clear that my apartment lacked air purification, and I needed to know my possibilities for improving indoor air quality without spending sizable on any Heating and A/C equipment. After getting air purification help, I was cheerful I could get a portable version small enough for my living space and silent enough to use at night. Once I sorted that out, my next headache would be servicing my Heating and A/C, however good thing I did not have duct cleaning to worry about.
a/c representative