Small court room needs improved air quality

Now I haven’t been to more than 2 courthouses, however I might as well prepare for it because it’s coming. I am currently training to become a magistrate, so once in a while, I find myself in such places. I do have a keen eye, though, for what I imagine to be a comfortable workplace, and I can tell you, courthouses are not easily built for that… Lately, my experience being present in certain proceedings at my local magistrate court irks me because of the lack of air purification, so much goes on inside those walls, and I dislike how uncomfortable the air quality gets! With different groups walking in and out at intervals, there has a need for something to be done to improve the indoor air quality within the courthouses, if not the hallways, and one of the challenges I know these legal rooms face is the outdated architectural design that was mostly duct friendly. I know little can be done to improve the situation in my locality, however considering including an media air cleaner is not an unrealistic demand, like demanding smart Heating plus A/C setup everywhere. The stuffy air and the wide open spaces around the courtcabin are prime places for loose dust and other pollutants to settle on. Already the administration bears a high cost to hiring an Heating plus A/C professional to handle duct cleaning and maintain the air filters. I know I shall have to get used to the environment before change happens. However, I hope the Heating plus A/C professional can offer some air purification help sooner so that the Heating plus A/C component can operate optimally. The situation at the courthouses makes me prefer the whole-cabin air purification back at cabin and the timely cabin service that keeps the Heating plus A/C in good working condition.


a/c representative