I left it to my online web development expert.

I check my website on a daily basis, but I haven’t changed it in almost two years.

Ever since I called the online web development company, I haven’t had to make changes.

I found an HVAC expert at an online web development company. I email him when I have any changes. I sent him information on new HVAC technicians. When an HVAC customer calls and asks a question they can handle, I put that question in my website under the FAQs section. My website has grown from the two pages I originally had to having six sections and about fifteen pages. I was told to keep the website simple, but my HVAC expert at the online web development company thought I should give people what they wanted. HVAC is simple, but it covers a lot of information, and he thought we should let them decide what information they want by clicking on different tabs. I think my HVAC website is better than most. I think this because I often peruse other HVAC company websites. Their information isn’t as easily found, and they don’t have all the do-it-yourself ideas that we have. I even offer do-it-yourself classes for homeowners. Now, I give my HVAC expert new information as it comes into the HVAC company, and he either replaces the old info, or creates a change to one of the sections. I may have balked at the idea of hiring an online web development company for my HVAC company, but I will admit it was the best thing I ever did for it.


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