I laughed when they said to contact online marketing companies.

My best friend told me I should do myself a favor and contact an online marketing company for my HVAC company.

He thought I would be busy taking care of business, and the online marketing company would take care of all the advertising, marketing, and website problems I may have. It would save me hours of work, and a lot of heartache to have a professional HVAC marketing expert at my disposal. I laughed when he told me to contact the online marketing companies. I was pretty sure they were going to cost me more than what I could afford. I didn’t want to take all my hard-earned money and put it into a marketing company that may not be real people. Jake gave me the name of the online marketing company he used, and told me to give them a call. If they had marketing experts for his roofing company, they would have one for an HVAC company. I put the sticky note on my computer monitor, but I didn’t have any inclination to call them. I came home one afternoon, and my wife was holding the sticky note. She said she was happy I had finally decided to call an online marketing company. She had been telling me I needed to get more aggressive with my marketing for the HVAC company, and I should have a professional create a website for us. She had looked into this marketing company and said they were one of the best. Now I had to call them, or she would never let me forget it.

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