Roof replacement is first this week

My dad was a roofer, and it’s no surprise that I am also working for a roofing supplier. When I was young, my dad did roofing repairs for folks in our area. Back then, he didn’t need certificates or licenses to do his task. He’d learned the skill from a neighbor of my grandpa, and dad then went on to start his own roofing supplier. It wasn’t a sizable venture, despite the fact that he was never out of work! Dad was quite skillful when it came to all matters roofing service. This made folks in our small neighborhood opt to hire him for tasks rather than sizable companies from the city. When I was old enough I started to go with my dad to work and help him with roof repair. There was even a time my associate and I did various small roof replacements, just the two of us. These weren’t sizable houses, and the owners were willing to wait up to a week for the work to be completed. By the time I was finishing middle school, I knew I wanted to continue with roofing, however perhaps work for a major roofing supplier. Dad only did residential roofing repairs, however I also wanted to venture into commercial roofing. I found a school in the next state where I completed my studies. Then, I got hired by a roofing corp and the rest is history. I find so much of what my pops taught me in those early mornings to be useful. I work on both residential and commercial roofing tasks in my new town. My friend and I start the week with roof replacement for a sizable property that’s almost complete. Then, my associate and I transfer on to a roofing repair gig.
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