Arguing with my friend about replacing his old furnace

Dan has always been into research, which is why I did not understand why he insisted on waiting for the warranty of his furnace to expire before changing it, however I had visited him a couple of times in winter and realized that his place was unusually cold, when we checked the thermostat, everything was well set.

  • His heating and cooling specialist had been around for the annual heater service and asked him to consider changing the heating and cooling unit.

The heating and cooling tune-up had revealed that most of the components in the system were slowly failing and not working as they should, since several of the components seemed to be aging at the same time, the heating and cooling professional thought it wise to have a new heating and cooling unit instead of replacing the units. According to his experience, the problem will continue getting worse in the coming months and components will be failing one after the other, but for some reason, despite seeing the seriousness of the problem, Dan insisted on waiting until the 20th year mark. The old heating and cooling system he used in his place had been around for 17 years already. He said that he would have to wait for the three more years he had been guaranteed when buying the place from the previous owner, then unluckily for him, his furnace was dying and the consequences were high electric bills. I even offered to help him with half of the replacement budget so that he could have the new heating and cooling installation done however he was still stubborn. He insisted on waiting it out and this was something none of us could understand.


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