My HOA does not allow beekeeping in the village

I live in a subdivision that is managed by a homeowner’s association plus while I appreciate it here, the HOA can be a bit annoying, and they govern so much of what you can do with your home.

They have a say in the paint colors that you choose for your home, however my neighbor John wanted to paint his door yellow plus it was not approved by the HOA, in fact, they rejected the request as soon as it was submitted.

It’s area of the guidelines of the community to have our doors painted a certain color, and unfortunately, there is no getting around it because if you break the rule, then you will be fined, then of course, John did not agree with this, even though he did nothing to violate the policy. Another neighbor wanted to start a honey farm in his yard plus the HOA rejected that method as well. The guidelines of the HOA particularally reject beekeeping or raising any creatures at all, but so, plus beekeeping, we are not allowed to have chickens either; Well, the neighbor decided to build the beehive in the yard in hopes that he wouldn’t get caught, however unfortunately, the HOA discovered that he had the bee hives plus fined him every day until he had them detachd. I remember the day that he called the beekeepers to detach the hives from his yard. Of course, he was not glad that he lost his makeshift honey farm, even though he was getting fined every day plus did not want to continue to accumulate those fees. Once the bee hives were detachd the HOA lowered his fines, however in the end he still had to pay the currency plus he lost his honey farm.

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