My smelly heating and cooling Repair experience

It was a Tuesday and my heating and cooling supplier had our duties rolled out.

I was assigned an official heating and cooling service job a few miles away from the office.

Since this was a thirty minute drive, I only took one heating and cooling intern with me as I was responsible for showing him the real work setup and I thought this would be a fantastic customer-heating and cooling professional experience for him. 30 minutes later we were at the address of the purchaser that had called out the heating and cooling supplier early that morning. Apparently his heating and cooling system was due for the annual heating and cooling tune-up session. Everything seemed perfect until his son called him to open the front door. I was hit by a smell I had never felt before. Nobody was spared either as he tried his best to avoid feeling disgusted. The middle-aged man happily invited us in and ushered us to the back door where the outdoor heating and cooling unit was. This was when I saw the number of cats and dogs he owned. The man was either overwhelmed or lived in his own bubble. Everything was scattered and the pets seemed to have no boundaries. We went on with the inspection, and for the first time I appreciated the supplier’s policy of not removing shoes when we visited customers. Although this was awkward in several of our customers’ houses, the policy did save us today. We replaced the filters and repaired and tightened a few loose ducts. We let him know that he needed to work on the insulation of the dwelling to help avoid energy loss as he had called the supplier complaining about a hasty rise in bills. We were out of his place one hour later and that was the biggest relief.

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