Learning a language from the heating technician

You don’t realize how important communication is for you until it is taken away.

It is almost like I lost my voice years ago and it makes me realize how critical it is to speak a language.

I have been trying to learn the Spanish language for like seven years now and I still don’t have a grip on it. I guess I am not trying hard enough but with all the work I have put into it so far it seems like I should know more than I know at this point in time. This heating tech friend of mine told me she would teach me it but I don’t know if the HVAC corp where she works is going to give her enough time off to do the task. Maybe I need to take a course somewhere and see if that helps me because learning on my own doesn’t seem to be very efficient. Anyway, today I’m looking for an HVAC specialist job online because I will need a new income stream come August when my money runs out. I have some emergency funds to keep me afloat for about six months if I really need to tap into it. I guess maybe starting my own HVAC business would be a good thing but I need to go to heating and cooling systems school to learn more about the trade as I have been out of it for a long time now. I was working in it with my dad years ago but a lot has changed since then.

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