Time for some ductwork cleaning this week

I have to write eight more stories this week and then my friend and I am all caught up.

I also have to patch things up with my flatmate because she wanted to have her current girlfriend stay the evening but I had to tell her no.

I told her when she moved in that my building owner didn’t want any more people living here other than me because of some previous troubles I had with renters. So her staying here is sketchy enough separate from adding a girlfriend in the picture. I hope she gets over it and is cooling down a bit because things were heating up with her last evening in our messages my friend and I were sending back and forth. I just can’t risk getting evicted from here and need to keep things particularly simple in this flat, and my Heating plus A/C expert job keeps me busy most of the time and I could truly do more heating component work and live here alone, but the extra $700 a month from a flatmate is a nice supplement. I guess it all works out in the end and there is no use getting all riled up over the small stuff that consistently comes at us. At least my mini split air conditioner component in my flat keeps us comfy when the temps are heating up like they have been lately. Anyway, this week is a work morning for me with my friend as my friend and I meet up later to tackle a job for the bossman. My buddy and I will be cleaning ductwork for this commercial Heating plus A/C system and it should be such a fun time!

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