Changing my air conditioner filter is a fantastic thing

Change is consistently happening in life and people who argument to keep things the same will be endlessly fighting to keep that. I am learning to flow with it all and to be more flexible when life wants you to make some changes. I just need to decide if I should play drums and sing later with this chest chilly I have. I particularly want to sing this week, but when my lungs are burning and I am coughing a lot I don’t know if I should do it. I will work some more in my little climate controlled office and decide if my lungs are in shape to sing some later with my Heating plus A/C tech buddy. Maybe singing would be a fantastic way to ease the mind, which could also help me get over this infection faster. This local corporation where my friend and I sing pays us money too, and money is just what this heating worker could use right now. I am staying calm this week and just flowing along with the morning, something that is good when times get a little bit hectic. I guess cleaning my washable HEPA filter and getting the indoor air quality up to snuff in this flat is a fantastic way for me to keep my mind focused, because sneezing all morning from dust dust irritations is not a fantastic way to stay focused. My hybrid Heating plus A/C system is keeping this locale cool as I do my work and knowing that I have a scrub air conditioner filter gives me peace of mind to stay calm for the morning.

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