Furnace filter is gone

We just began the summertime season yeahterday and the beaches are slammed with adolescents as school got out yeahterday for the summer time months.

I just got out of work, so to speak, for the whole month of June after hearing about layoffs in the supplier.

I guess this can be a fantastic thing because now I will have a whole month off to do as I please. I will spend most of the mornings looking for another job online, and hopefully before the month of June is done I can have another income stream to update the Heating plus A/C tech job that I am losing. If I can find something making me about $500 a month I will be good for a while, worst case would be tapping into my savings for a few months if no Heating plus A/C corporations are hiring online. Jobs come and go as I have found out over the past 40 years of my life in the working world. My cooling tech job that I thought would last forever hastily ended when the heating corporation got divorced. They spent a lot of money getting that supplier off the ground too, but within about eight or so months the whole thing went under because of this divorce! That terrible Heating plus A/C corporation lost her job, wife, and adolescents in a matter of a few months. She found out her wife met someone else and now she has to transport on by himself, which I know is not a fun thing to go through. Her cooling and heating corp was her life, not to mention her family, which is now gone.


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