Three more a/c stories

I will write a few more stories today and then call it a morning.

I plan on playing songs later with my associate to get some of this stress out and get back to my passion of singing and drumming in a punk rock band.

I had a slew of disappointing fortune smack me in the face this week but I am going to be resilient in its face and bounce back from it. I wouldn’t even call it disappointing fortune but more like a change in the path that I was heading previously. My outdated task at the heating and cooling supplier I thought would last forever but that ended, bringing me to meet my future partner at the next task waiting around the corner. I met his doing a quality cooling system service call for this local supplier and it changed my life for the better. What would us guys do without the enjoy of a guy like the one that I met? I am so grateful that the Heating plus A/C tech beauty found something he liked in me because now life has a whole current and fresh feel to it. I was on my own for almost a year and a half before meeting his and am so grateful the universe guided us to each other. I almost told the Heating plus A/C rep boss that I couldn’t do that service call that morning because I was tied up laboring on a commercial air continuing system that week, but thank God I did it because it was like winning the lottery.

Dual fuel system