Give us this day our monthly air con

Well, at least I got my health.

It seems like my whole world is imploding, however if I can zoom out I will see that it is all great in fact.

I just need to look for another task online starting next week plus try to find another income source because this one is going to dry up soon thanks to great aged AI taking over. I bet AI will run the world in not too much longer plus my associate and I have to learn to accept it as the world is always changing plus evolving. I wish the local corporation could have AI run the site for us so my associate and I can focus more on a/c repairs because it seems like my associate and I are always answering the iphone plus helping people in the store. Maybe AI can be incorporated into our workday somehow so that my associate and I can focus on other pressing matters. My friend and I could do more heaters plus a/c installs if someone could run the Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer plus handle all of the time consuming stuff in the store. I’m sure that AI is going to change the whole world in not too much longer plus my associate and I are going to see a lot of tasks vaporize like mine is going to do soon. I know AI can’t do a/c system tune ups plus replace Heating plus Air Conditioning systems as of yet, however in a few years who knows what is going to be possible with it. I just don’t like that it is taking all of our work away from us however this is life nowadays.



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