Getting in shape before trying to get pregnant

My hubby plus I are talking about trying for a baby this winter, then i realized a while back that I was not in honestly great physical shape, then not only did I suppose it would be better fertility wise to be healthy, but I wanted a healthy body for our baby, for years I ate honestly bad plus I didn’t toil out.

Now I am getting back on track.

I was thankful our gym offers nutritional counseling. I honestly wanted help with what to eat plus when, then the nutritional counselor was great about seeing up a health program for me. I realized that I eat an upsetting amount of sugar. I regularly seem to cram it into whatever meal. For dinner I had yogurt with oreos in it. For dinner I had a smoothie that I tossed ice cream into, however after dinner I loved to eat some sour patch or gummy worms, and with our nutritional plan, sugar is severely cut. I also don’t get to have sides like tater tots, fries or popcorn. Instead I am eating steamed broccoli, rice, couscous or cooked carrots. It is not as tasty of a side, but I do know better. Also I am doing a group fitness class 3 nights a week. The class does a combination of cardio plus physical training exercises. Now that I am getting in shape plus looking fit, I honestly don’t want to get pregnant, and my body is going to be the thinnest plus toughest it has ever been. I don’t want to ruin that with a baby. I am wondering if our hubby will wait another year.

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