Protecting a/c in the snow

It’s rough up here in the Winter time however I don’t believe I’d have it any other way.

  • I’m getting close to retirement age however the thought of going south to all that air conditioner is not at all appealing.

I’m a native of this region and the Winter time just comes with it. For sure, 1 has to be ready and prepared for a Winter time that basically lasts nearly many months. But that’s the sort of thing that comes with residing this far north. Thankfully, we have a enjoyable loft and that also comes with central air conditioner. Every one of us have a gas oil furnace that handles much of the heating in our home. And there is air conditioner for the summer time as well. I’m not a fan however our wifey was adamant about getting air conditioner when we replaced the residential HVAC not too long ago. When you deal with this sort of winter, it’s imperative to have a plan B when it comes to a heating source. For us, that plan B is the wood stove we have. The wood stove is not just an emergency heat source. It also provides supplemental heating so we can keep the heating costs down. But if you heat with wood, that comes with lots of work. Yet, our prep list for Winter time is pretty long anyway. These afternoons, I finish off that list by covering the HVAC cabinet that provides the air conditioner. It just makes sense to keep the weight of snow and ice off of the delicate HVAC components.

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