I want to encourage teens to learn a trade, such as roofing

Recently I was lucky enough to give a speech to a group of kids! I was told that these kids were considered “at-risk youth” because they had awful grades as well as behavioral problems, and more to the point, these kids were not college material, as well as thought they had no future! Schools are disappointing for making kids assume that going to college is the only way to have a bright future, I assume that is BS.

I am living proof – I barely graduated from high college, as well as never took one college class, as well as yet I own my own business, my own house, as well as make a great living.

As a roofing contractor, I will be able to send my own children to college one day… if that is what they want to do, but learning a trade as well as becoming skilled at roofing was more fancy to me than any school, then this is what I wanted to impart to these so-called “at risk” teens, because the guidance counselor will never tell them to try a job in roofing; Of course I encouraged them to seek out any trade, including Heating as well as Air Conditioning repair, plumbing, carpentry, as well as more, but since my own personal experience was in roofing that was my focus. I handed out several contractor cards for my roofing business, to encourage these teens to call me as well as start their own jobs. I had to explain that roofing is a easily strenuous job, much harder than flipping burgers, but that it paid remarkably well for the people who could handle it. I hope I reached some of these kids as well as made a difference.

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