Being on an airplane and never feeling comfortable due to heating and cooling

Ever since I was young girl I always loved to travel.

My parents always told me that I was a really good child when they used to fly when I was younger. My parents also said that I was very alert and outgoing to the other travellers around us. My love for traveling has grown immensely. I have a job where I travel a lot, which allows me to see different places and create many memories. When I travel I like to sit near the window of the plane. After I am seating I will immediately adjust the vent and turn the air that is coming out down. This is because I get cold very easily. I know that before the plane takes off there is heating and cooling that comes out of the vents. It amazes me that when we are thousands of feet above the air, the plane can heat and cool us passengers. However I’m not always 100% comfortable when I’m on the plane. There are times where I’ve awakened from my nap and have been chilly due to the vent blasting out cool air. I think that it was a very smart decision on whoever designed the aircraft to be able to control the amount of air that comes out of the vent above you. I make sure to change the vent adjustment to a very low setting so not a lot of air is coming out. I love traveling but I wish there was more of an advanced and digital way to control the temperature in my seat while I fly.

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