Blower motor not installed correctly and making a loud noise

During the fall it is always very busy for me.

It is my husband’s birthday and my daughter’s birthday.

I always try to coordinate something special for the both of them, whether it is going out to dinner, hosting a birthday party for my daughter or going on a small mini vacation. My sister and my brother also like to come up one weekend during the fall to see the beautiful foliage and experience fall weather. My siblings do not get to experience fall as much because they are from the south and they are so accustomed to the hot and humid weather. When they come to visit they are so surprised that I begin to use my furnace in the middle of October. The reason why I do is because in October, in the Northeast the fall starts to get pretty chilly. When they came one weekend, my brother woke up suddenly during the middle the night to a really loud noise coming from the vents. He told me that the next morning and and I decided to give my HVAC technician a call because it seemed like something was not right with my HVAC system. When the HVAC technician came to the house he inspected my HVAC system and saw that my blower fan was vibrating. This means that the blower motor was not properly secured into place when they came in and installed a new blower motor last month. My HVAC technician said that it was good that we caught this issue just in time because the blower motor would degrade the system’s performance.



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