Covering your HVAC system’s condenser unit

I never know the “right thing to do” when it comes to taking care of my technology and my home’s HVAC system.

I have heard from my cell phone provider that I should not keep all of my text messages and pictures on my phone in mass quantities.

This is because a person’s phone’s memory and storage will run out more quickly, causing a lot of apps to close and malfunction. But I like to keep a lot of my messages and pictures because I love taking pictures and keeping them to look back on. I also keep my messages as well because I have due to work I like to look back on the conversations and keep them on file. It’s kind of different how some professionals on a certain subject will tell you one thing and then the next you will find out that the advice they gave you was wrong and that you should follow another protocol instead. This is true when it comes to covering my HVAC system’s outdoor unit. My HVAC technician is telling me to not cover my unit whereas there are articles online that are telling me to cover my outdoor condenser unit. I have always believed that by covering my condenser unit that it will prevent any damage during the winter. However my HVAC technician recently told me that by covering the unit it can turn into a housing element for small rodents, which can turn into a bigger problem since they are known for chewing up insulation and electrical wires. Another reason why a cover is not very good is that the components inside the condenser can trap moisture and lead to erosion more quickly.


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