I was glad we had the new ductless HVAC system installed.

My husband thought it was a bit too much money when I talked about having a ductless HVAC system installed in the house. I told him we wouldn’t need to worry about having the air conditioning every year. We wouldn’t need to be concerned if we forgot to have the furnace cleaned. There would be no added dust because we hadn’t cleaned the ductwork in years. The best part about having the ductless HVAC system was that we could put our furniture anywhere we wanted, and not worry about blocking any air vents. He still scoffed at the cost of the ductless HVAC system and having it installed. He liked that it took up very little space and the entire installation was done in one day, and with very little dirt or upset. When I first mentioned the ductless HVAC system, he agreed it would be great for our home. We didn’t have a large home since we downsized about two years ago. It wouldn’t take nearly as much to heat and cool this house as it did the old house. The only negative was having half the living space. The ductless HVAC system was going to give us back some space because we wouldn’t have the air vents to contend with. Once the heat from the ductless HVAC system started, we knew we made the right decision. I couldn’t remember there ever being such warmth in a house without the drafts cold spots. If I had to do it all over again, the only thing I would change is having ductless HVAC in our old house. We may not have moved.

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