I Got a Free Air Purifier With My New HVAC System

I had been looking for a new HVAC system for a few months because the HVAC technician told me that I would need to upgrade sooner rather than later.

  • The manufacturer date on my HVAC system was dated in 2010, which was ancient in the heat and air world.

I didn’t need to know the date of my HVAC system in order to know that it wasn’t working as well as it should have been though. It took hours for my HVAC system to heat or cool my home to the temperature I preferred and my energy bill had been rising for years. My energy bills were so high that I would end up paying more to run my HVAC system in a single year than if I just bought a new HVAC system entirely. While I was doing my research on the latest HVAC systems, I realized that I wanted cleaner and fresher air. My house always felt dusty and musty, which was largely due to the old HVAC system. I began looking at not only new HVAC systems, but also small air purifiers that I could place in my bedroom and my living room. When I viewed the local HVAC companies website, there was an advertisement for a special they were running. I couldn’t believe my luck, because they were offering a free air purifier with any HVAC installation. An air purifier was exactly what I needed to accompany my new HVAC system, and I could get one for free with my new HVAC system!

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