Using a two stage system that always keep my home comfortably cool

If there is one thing I know, it is that HVAC systems have an amazing ability to heat or cool a home.

In my case, the air conditioning is what I depend on.

Using my heat pump I am allowed to use the heat if need be. Sometimes it can get a little chilly but I do not use it nearly as much as I use the air conditioner. In the area in which I live you can find it to be getting up to about 115 degrees a day. This is why I strongly depend on my air conditioner. My heat pump just happens to be a two stage system. This system basically allows me to save on energy which saves me on money. There are two different settings within this system. If the days are super hot it can run on a high setting to keep my home cool all day long. If the day is more mild for my area, it has a low setting. The low setting will cool my house the same. It will however, cost me much less to keep my home just as cool. It will auto adjust to the temperatures outside and I never have to worry about changing it. With this two stage system I am always able to keep my home comfortably cool during the day. The two stage system also offers something that most systems cannot do. It gets rid of most of the humidity within the air before putting it into my home. What is so beneficial about this is that It does not allow for mold or bacteria to grow in my house. This means that illnesses are less likely to spread. What would you give for a system like that?


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