Needing an Air Purifier

When I was a girl, I absolutely loved to go to summer camp. After I turned eighteen, I knew that being a counselor at a summer camp was something that I definitely wanted to do. The counselors I had as a girl at summer camp made such an impact in my life, and I wanted to be able to do that for others as well. I planned on counseling every summer between my college semesters. Sadly, the first summer I served as a counselor I was constantly sick. From the end of the first week to the end of the summer, I had a terrible head cold, and I just felt awful. It was so bad that I really hesitated to even go back the following summer. My mom told me to just try and go back to the camp but to bring an air purifier for my room. The first week was really busy, and I wasn’t able to find the time to go and purchase an air purifier, and of course, I got sick. The following weekend, I was able to get to the store and get an air purifier. I had it running in my cabin all night long, and within just a couple days, my cold had gone away, and I was feeling like myself again. For the rest of the summer, I was able to stay well. I didn’t even get a runny nose or anything. I am so thankful that my mom recommended the air purifier and that I was able to get a nice one because it made such a difference in my health and my ability to serve and help others. Needless to say, an air purifier is now one of my camp necessities.
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