Getting new AC for tech impaired grandma

Well they were at lunch, my mom secretly snuck away and called a local HVAC company

I don’t know if my mom will ever learn her lesson when it comes to trying to help my grandma. My grandma is a very demanding and entitled woman who expects her children to wait on her hand and foot. This is despite the fact that her children are grown and have their own families to deal with. She still thinks everyone should drop whatever they’re doing and run over at the slightest hint of trouble. My mom and aunts are glad to comply, but then they get trapped at her house for hours as my needy Grandma puts him through the wringer. Recently, my mom made the mistake of going over to try to help my grandma with her thermostat. She called in a panic and insisted that her air conditioning unit wasn’t working that morning. She said the cooling system has been working fine the day before, but when she woke up that morning there was no cool air flowing from her air vents. She checked the thermostat in the hallway but it appeared like everything should be running as normal. Rather than calling a professional HVAC technician out, she called up my mom and ask her to come look at her air conditioning unit. My mom has absolutely no idea how to service a cooling system. She took one look at the air conditioner and told my grandma that they should go out to lunch. Well they were at lunch, my mom secretly snuck away and called a local HVAC company. She gave them the address and asked them to go out and fix the AC. By the time my mom and grandma return to the house, the cooling system was up and running again. My grandma never knew that a real professional had stopped by to perform this equipment repair, and my mom got to go home.

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