The HVAC store was almost hidden

Some places are so incredibly difficult to find.

It was bad enough that I was new to my small town, and didn’t know where most places were, but it is even worse when one of the places I am looking for is practically hidden.

You would think that as a business they would not choose a location that is so hard to find. Anyways, I tried using my GPS to lead me to where the heating and air conditioning store was, as that is what I was searching for. However, it didn’t seem like the GPS knew where it was going either, because it kept leading me in circles. I was getting pretty frustrated at this point, because it had been at least 30 minutes, from what was supposed to be a 10 minute trip. I called the A/C store, and they gave me some better directions. Apparently, their heating and air conditioning company was directly behind a bigger business, which you couldn’t see from the street. After I found the bigger business, I went behind them and finally found the A/C dealer. I thanked the cooling representative for their help before finally entering the store. I went there to pick up some brand new HEPA filters. During the move to our new home, somehow our other air filters went missing. This was an issue, because we needed new A/C filters for our new heating and cooling component. I bought a few from this store, and finally I was able to go home afterwards.

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