Ductless HVAC was just a better option for my situation

I just love the fact that the check I write each month goes toward building equity in my home.

And after decades of renting apartments, it sure is nice to be a homeowner. Building equity is great but so is really good residential HVAC. Unfortunately, in all the apartments I lived in, the HVAC equipment was less than mediocre. So that was another big motivation to get out of the rental scene and into my own house. But it takes money. For sure I saved every bit I could in order to get enough together for a down payment on a house. But the recent white hot real estate market hasn’t been a real help. It seems like the more I saved in order to get a place where I owned the HVAC equipment, the more it cost. But perseverance really does pay off. And in my case, I kept looking at every single new thing that came on the market. That’s how I found this place and was able to get it for much less than the comps around it. But a big reason for that was all the work that needed to be done. In fact, in most cases it would not have been considered livable. The first thing I had to do was address the heating and cooling inside the house. But the ductwork was also full of holes and not worth anything. Fortunately, I got some great direction from an HVAC professional who suggested using ductless heat pumps throughout the house instead. And it has worked out great.

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