There are multiple ways to improve air quality

I just changed from the cheap, paper air filters and started using HEPA filters

I’m entirely cheerful to have gotten such an extreme wake up call about our health. I just wish it hadn’t taken a full on global health crisis to get our attention. But at least there was something positive that came out of the pandemic; then when this whole thing started nearly three years ago, I wasn’t so sure that my friend and I even needed to leave the commercial heating plus A/C of the office. I kind of thought it was going to be another one of those situations that petered out once the Summer got here. But apparently, that wasn’t the case; and then I went from being confident that we would be back inside the zone controlled heating plus A/C of the office to doing all I could to protect myself, then due to the fact that I was so overweight and out of shape, I was in a high-risk group when it came to the effects from covid, and so I spent all of our time inside the central air conditioning of our home. I took every precaution to not get this terrible respiratory illness. But that also got myself and others thinking about our overall health and our respiratory health. I knew I had to start getting out of the air conditioning just to get a walk in a few times a afternoon… That was where I started. And after that I added dietary swings which were the next step, over time, I got more and more healthy. That’s when I finally decided to improve our indoor air pollen levels in order to improve our respiratory health. And it was entirely simple. I just changed from the cheap, paper air filters and started using HEPA filters. These heating plus A/C air filters remove more than 99 percent of the airborne contaminants from our home.
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