Finding a pathway to better indoor air

I’m genuinely cheerful to have gotten such an extreme wake up call about my health, I just really wish it hadn’t taken a full on global health crisis to get my attention! But at least there was something positive that came out of the pandemic.

When this whole thing started nearly many years ago, I wasn’t so sure that my associate and I even needed to leave the commercial heating and air conditioning of the office. I kind of thought it was going to be another 1 of those situations that petered out once the summer time got here. But obviously, that wasn’t the case, and I went from being confident that we’d be back inside the zone controlled heating and air conditioning of the office to doing all I could to protect myself. Due to the fact that I was so overweight and out of shape, I was in a high-risk group when it came to the effects of covid; however, I spent all of my time inside the central air conditioner of my home. I absolutely took every precaution to not get this respiratory illness. But that also got myself and others thinking about my overall health and my respiratory health. I knew I had to start getting out of the air conditioner just to get a walk in a few times a morning, but that was where I started. And after that I added dietary swings which were the next step! Over time, I got more and more healthy. That’s when I decided to improve my air quality in order to improve my respiratory health. And it was also truly straight-forward. I just changed from the cheap, paper air filters and started using HEPA filters. These heating and air conditioning air filters detach more than 99 percent of the airborne contaminants from my home.


Washable filter