You got to do your part when it comes to your HVAC equipment

Every year about this time, I’m thinking about all the changes I want to make in the new year.

  • For me, I always have gone too big.

Like making sure I try to get into the gym every day on my home from the commercial HVAC of the office. Or not drinking beer but twice a month. I never make it to February with any of these sorts of changes. So this year, I decided to be much more reasonable with the improvements I want to make in the coming year. And one of those things is something that I’ve really kind of dropped the ball on since I’ve been a homeowner. I’ve never been particularly consistent when it comes to holding up my end of the bargain with the HVAC equipment. When we bought this house, we invested in the latest residential HVAC and HVAC technology. I guess I sort of had it in my mind that since it was new, I didn’t really need to pay all that much attention to it. But of course, that’s just the opposite of what I should have been doing. And I’m definitely going to change that this year. I started by calling the HVAC company that we do business with. And I signed up for the HVAC service plan to ensure that our heating and cooling equipment gets the seasonal HVAC maintenance that it needs. I’ve been beyond inconsistent when it comes to getting the HVAC maintenance done. But I’m even going to tighten up when it comes to changing the HVAC filter every month. I know I can accomplish this New Year’s resolution.

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