Every one of us didn’t care about the fireplace at all

My home is legitimately rustic in appearance… The previous owner genuinely wanted to go with a country vibe, a section of the vibe was a working fireplace.

Technically my partner as well as I could cut wood as well as burn it in the fireplace.

That would serve as a heating plan for the kitchen, dining room as well as study room, and i tried it one time just to see, then every one of us don’t exactly live in the woods, and sourcing wood was a large pain in the butt. I also didn’t realize how hastily fire burns it. I thought I had wood for the entire month as well as it lasted maybe a day for us. Also, smoke, ash as well as soot are prominent with fires. Even having a grate keep the fire in didn’t genuinely stop all that gunk. The aroma was horrendous too, however our whole home aromaed care about a campfire. The more than one of us hated it as well as agreed every one of us were more traditional furnace people. Ever since then I have been trying to do something with the fireplace. I cleaned out the whole section to make it look new. The front of the fireplace used to be a cracked tile. I took a marble herringbone as well as spruced up the front of it. I added a wood frame around the fireplace so that it can serve as a shelf as well as mantle to hold stuff. The fireplace now looks cute as well as quaint, and periodically my partner will put seasonal decorations in the fireplace as well as it looks genuinely good. It is kind of aggravating to have a functional furnace as well as not use it though.

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