Loving the HVAC in our current bedroom

I wasn’t truly so sure what the solution was with our boys.

But I knew that I couldn’t take much more of the constant fighting.

All I truly wanted to do was come beach condo in addition to get a few minutes peace inside the central a/c of my house. That’s all I truly wanted from those guys but that just couldn’t be done. And the problem was that they had to share a room. This wasn’t always a problem when they were much younger. They actually loved being roommates in addition to there was peace inside the a/c of our home. But all that changed once they hit middle university, then finally my partner in addition to I decided that every one of us either had to move or every one of us had to add on to our home. With the real estate market being absurdly high in this region, every one of us decided to add value to our beach condo with an additional bedroom. But it wasn’t just another bedroom to put 1 of the boys. Instead every one of us added on an entire master suite in addition to lavatory for my partner in addition to I. We gave 1 of the guys our outdated bedroom which was the same size as all the bedrooms. But our current bedroom is quite something. We even have our own heating in addition to cooling equipment in our current space. There is a ductless heat pump high on 1 of the exterior walls that provides charming residential HVAC. We even have a remote control to change the temperature control setting on the ductless heat pump. It truly was a wonderful solution in addition to my partner in addition to I truly savor having this little piece of heaven in our house.

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