The gas furnace was running at night well before Halloween

Our new coworkers are having the best time. They are keen to remind us that real winter time is just beginning. The last two months have been the coldest that we have ever experienced, however September’s hot and cold temperatures often fell to near cold at night, and the gas furnace was running at night well before Halloween. We were sort of stunned by the whole thing given the fact that we’ve never encountered anything like this where we come from. First of all, we’ve never even seen a gas furnace in our lives. Granted, we’re still in our mid twenties so there are going to be plenty of other things we encounter for the first time. But when we took these jobs, we did not really contemplate what a large change it would be climate wise. That was a mistake. We’re living in a starter house that has a new gas furnace. While the house is pretty small and sparsely furnished, it’s ours and the HVAC unit is top notch. Were that not the case, we might be turning around and heading home. It’s the holidays now and this will be our first white Christmas. It will also be the first time we’re stuck inside our house with the gas furnace raging. It looks like we’ll be up here by ourselves for Christmas. Well, that is not the worst thing in the world since we couldn’t get out of work as we’re the new employees. At least we have a wonderful gas furnace. We’re going to spend the Christtmas holiday doing nothing but cranking the gas furnace for all the heating we can stand.

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