They’ve been working on sealing the home to minimize heat loss

Jason ended up solving a problem that his mom and her boyfriend had in their cabin since they moved here.

He was the last to leave the cabin and he’s nearly graduating.

Jason still comes home for the holidays and that’s when he ends up helping his mom and her boyfriend out when it comes to the heating expenses that have been plaguing them for a while. With finals and all the academic stuff he had on his schedule, Jason didn’t manage to get much shopping done. He was in his dorm room with the radiant heating learning too much to get that done as well. A day after he got home for the holidays, Jason went out shopping. He is so efficient he had a good list and managed to knock all of that out abruptly. But then he ended up going inside the HVAC area of one of those big box home improvement stores. Jason was looking for something in particular for his mom’s boyfriend. But that has when he ran across an instant read temperature gun. He picked it up and told them that this is what they needed when working to tighten the house. His mom and her boyfriend didn’t understand what Jason meant when it came to that sort of tool. But he knows they’re always trying to tighten the house up to eliminate the loss of heating. A tighter apartment ends up maximizing efficiency of any Heating and A/C system for sure. Once they got to thinking about the temperature gun, it made sense to Jason’s mom and her boyfriend what he was saying. Now they could go all over the exterior of their cabin finding any area where the heating from the Heating and A/C was leaking out.

HVAC unit