They’d never even seen oil furnaces in their lives

Miles and Judy’s coworkers were having the best time, and they were keen to remind them that real winter has not begun. The last few weeks have been the coldest that they have ever experienced. October temperatures often fell to near freezing at night. And the oil furnace was running at night well before Halloween. Miles and Judy were sort of stunned by the whole thing given the fact that they have never encountered anything like this where they come from. First of all, they have never even seen oil furnaces in their lives. Granted, they’re still in their mid twenties so there are going to be plenty of other things Miles and Judy encounter for the first time. But when they accepted their current positions, they didn’t know what a substantial change it would be temperature wise. That was an error on their part. Miles and Judy are living in a starter home that has an oil furnace. While the place is pretty small and sparsely furnished, it’s theirs and the Heating & A/C works well. Were that not the case, they might be turning around and heading home. It’s Christmas now and this will be their first pale white Christmas. It will also be the first time they’re stuck inside their cottage with the oil furnace raging. It looks like they will be up here by themselves for Christmas. Well, that is not the worst thing in the world since Miles and Judy couldn’t get out of work since they’re new. At least they have a great oil furnace. They’re going to spend the Christmas holiday doing nothing, but cranking the oil furnace for all the heating they can stand.
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