They’d hook her up with a good pool lighting system

A pretty huge storm knocked out power to the beach house and it also took out half of our fence, then to be fair, our fence was already in pretty terrible shape.

  • Most of the slats were missing and the bottom parts of the fence were covered with mold.

It didn’t take high speed winds to take down the fence. Ashley lost about 10 panels and 3 posts. She contacted a local fencing company. The guys were busy and they did not get to Ashley until a couple of days later. One of the guys that was working on the fence suggested a cool lighting guy for the pool. This guy said that he knew an electrical corporation that could hook Ashley up with a nice pool lighting system. She chose to call the electrical corporation, because she does not have any lighting out by the pool. There is one light inside of the pool, but it is aged and dingy. There is barely any light that comes out of it. Ashley told the electrical corporation rep that she was given their name by that guy who was working on the fence. The rep instantly knew who Ashley was talking about. She could tell that he liked that guy a lot, because this guy became so friendly with her abruptly. He came out to bring Ashley an estimate and even gave to get started on the electrical work before she had all of the money for the task. Ashley chose to pay for half the task up front and the other half when the task was complete.
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