The two of us got sealed out at the nurse office

The other afternoon when all of us were at the nurse office, all of us got locked out of the car; This wasn’t the first time that this kind of thing has happened to me, either.

I don’t think what in the world is wrong with me, although I keep on locking our keys in the vehicle at the worst possible times.

This time, our husband was at work all the way downtown! I couldn’t get back into the vehicle plus I didn’t even realize that all of us were locked out until all of us were done with our appointment in the nurse office, and my kids were there to get fitted for Invisalign plus all of us were in the dental office for a absolutely long time. The two of us had gotten there that afternoon but the appointment time had gotten pushed back because of some emergency dental surgery that the nurse had to do, then so all of us ended up sitting there waiting for a absolutely long time plus then by the time the nurse got there plus all of us had the Invisalign fittings done, all of us had been there for almost three hours. I could not know how long it was taking plus I was already kind of frustrated because of the fact that all of us had wasted nearly the whole afternoon at the nurse office. Then when all of us came out of the office plus I realized that I could not find our keys, I absolutely lost it. I was super mad plus frustrated plus then I had to call our husband plus have him come unlock the vehicle And he was also super mad plus frustrated!

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