The HVAC System Died During our Fall Pigskin Game’s Party

During the fall pigskin kickoff get together that we hosted, our a/c unit died.

It was one of the busiest times that we have ever had at our condo, because all the people that we invited ended up coming over to the get-together! They were all honestly excited for the chicken wings that my hubby was cooking, I think.

I don’t remember us ever having so many people over at our condo before, however we were all absolutely excited about the party and we weren’t even thinking about the fact that we were going to have so many people in the condo at once. I guess that if we had thought about it, we would have particularly made sure that the a/c unit was working correctly. However, we never dreamed that every single person that we invited would really show up for the party. Anyway, we tried to turn the a/c down so the condo would start cooling down because it got pretty warm inside with all of those people in there, and unluckily for us the a/c wouldn’t turn on. The longer the people stayed, the hotter and hotter it got inside of the house. I could not believe how hot it was, and opening the windows didn’t seem to help matters at all. The weather outside was unseasonably hot, and that made the temperature in the condo keep going up and up. I didn’t want all the people to be uncomfortable, but it was hard not to get crabby in a tepid house full of people. Next time, we will totally check out the air conditioning system first.

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